Two-Thirds of What Goes On in Your Mouth Is Below the Surface

Aug 12 • 1 minute read

Just like what’s under the bread in a sandwich. Dr. Tina Siu uses x-rays to check below the surface to look for extra teeth, missing teeth, impacted teeth or teeth coming into the wrong positions.

Why is looking below the surface so important?

Well, some things may be hiding that can only be seen through x-rays. Impacted teeth may prevent adult teeth from erupting properly. Sometimes, an impacted tooth can even harm the roots of neighboring teeth, cause crowding and may cause already erupted teeth to move into unhealthy positions.


This patient has a baby canine tooth that should have been replaced by the permanent tooth by now.
The panoramic x-ray below shows the impacted permanent upper canine tooth below the surface of the gum.


If you do have an “invisible” orthodontic problem, an early check-up and x-ray may help you avoid more costly, invasive treatments down the road.

It may be easier for Dr. Siu to identify and correct a problem when it is forming rather than waiting for it to fully develop.

You wouldn’t skip a well-check at the pediatrician, and you shouldn’t skip an early trip to the Dr. Siu’s office either. A visit to your orthodontist by age 7 will help keep your child’s oral health in check.  Just because your general dentist has not referred you does not mean you cannot visit Dr. Siu for an orthodontic exam. Dr. Tina Siu offers free exams to check if your teeth are coming in properly or let you know of any missing teeth.  An x-ray may be required to determine which teeth are impacted or missing. 

Trust Dr. Tina Siu as your orthodontist

You can work with Dr. Siu to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile at any age. Dr. Siu is a trained, experienced Orthodontist who possess the skills and experience to give you your best smile. Call our office at 626-796-0615 or click here to make an appointment today.

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